Reverse Engineering the Lytro .LFP File Format | eclecticc


世の中には気の早い人もいるようで、早速Lytroの .lfpファイルの解析をやっている人がいます。

The table of contents in the raw .lfp files gives away most of the camera’s secrets.  It contains a bunch of useful metadata and calibration data like the focal length, sensor temperature, exposure length, and zoom length.  It also gives away the fact that the camera contains a 3 axis accelerometer, storing the orientation of the camera with respect to gravity in each image.   The physical sensor is 3280 by 3280 pixels, and the raw file just contains a BGGR Bayer array of it at 12 bits per pixel.  


物理センサーは3280×3280 pixelで、RAWデータはBGGRのBayer array、12 bits per pixelとのこと。BGGRのBayer arrayとは、ここをご覧下さい。



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